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Positive Vibes Only

January 10, 2020WTF News Pod

It’s easy to find ourselves run down after the stress of the Festive period. Sometimes you can feel demotivated or even lonely if you have been through a tough time.  There are many methods to use to help bring back positivity to your life and feel more motivated: There are many books out there which …

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Online vs In-Store Shopping

January 7, 2020Julianna's Channel

What’s best; Online Shopping Vs Real Life Nowadays the use of technology increases every day, and as industries notice this, of course they are taking advantage of the fact most of us sit in front of a screen all day. One of the biggest industries taking a note of this is fashion. Online shopping sites …

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Elfingrove Disaster

December 16, 2019WTF News Pod

By now the new ‘Elfingrove’ Christmas event hosted by Kelvingrove museum has been plastered across various social media platforms, however after only a few days of it being open there is already bad publicity! With a spectacular view of the outside of the building it seems very inviting to purchase the £18 ticket to see …

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Fashion Rental by Julianna

December 16, 2019Julianna's Channel

What The Fork brings you JULIANNA’S CHANNEL… 🎙👠 On topic today is Fashion Rental, Julianna tells us how we are seriously damaging the environment with our constant need for new clothes 👎💄Read on to see what she’s got to say… Did you know that women regularly wear only 20% of the clothes that they own? Being someone who …

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Personal Style by Julianna

December 16, 2019Julianna's Channel

What better way to spend your Monday lunch time than with JULIANNA’S CHANNEL! 🎙🥳👠 today she talks about Personal Style… read on to see what she’s got to say! 💁‍♀️ I am of the belief that we all cycle through a number of different personalities when it comes to fashion. Even looking back on the past few years …

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Winter Trends by Julianna

December 13, 2019Julianna's Channel

For most of the year, the weather dictates what we wear. Steamy temperatures limit us to lightweight skirts and shirts in the summer, and winter’s oh so lovely dark, windy and below-freezing days force us to wear big coats and boots. For many of us (me in particular) winter isn’t our favourite season, being cold …

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Black Friday: Don’t Buy, Donate!

November 29, 2019Cookie Jar Foundation

Buy Nothing Day takes over Black Friday!  The last Friday of November has always been known as the famous Black Friday when retailers and marketers go heavy on the sales and one-off discount deals. In the past, the headlines have been all about how our couriers are struggling under the strain of all the online …

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Help The Homeless This Christmas

November 29, 2019WTF News Pod

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re counting down to Christmas and with it now being the end of November there’s no doubt everything’s suddenly got that little bit more magical. Although it’s a busy time of year, I can’t help but enjoy the thought of mulled wine, winter wonderland, endless Christmas parties …

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